Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to Read to Lead!

Economix by Michael GoodwinHello everyone! We had our final discussion this afternoon over at Ramsey's about our first 2013 book, Economix, by Michael Goodwin. We had a lot of fun with this graphic novel format, though our group dwindled in size over the course of our four weekly discussions.

Today, we were talking about how to gain and maintain interest, and we thought this group might be particularly amenable to a blog discussion!

On our blog, if you have to miss a meeting, you'll be able to find out what we talked about and to add your own two cents at any time.

So let's get started. We'd like to figure out a few things:

  1. What's a good day to meet? It turns out Wednesday apparently isn't ideal, though most of us who stuck it out like the 4:00-5:00 time slot. Would a Tuesday afternoon work for folks? What about Thursday? 
  2. When shall we start up with our next book or topic? If we choose a book, the library needs a few weeks to get copies ordered and processed. Today, Pringle Smith suggested another option would be to find a compelling news article or articles on particular topics that might be relevant to Marion ... interesting! 
  3. What book would you suggest? Any ideas or input? One I proposed today was Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America One Step at a Time, by Jeff Speck. You can read more about it, including consumer reviews, by clicking on the title. 
Walkable City by Jeff SpeckI'd suggest we consider topics that are particularly important to Marion right now; think about our own Uptown downtown revitalization and the city's corridor redevelopment, our recent Main Street status, being named as a Blue Zones community. We might look at articles like "Making the Case: New Study Shows it Does Indeed Pay to Become a Healthy Enterprise," or "Activating the Downtown: Arts Initiative Strives to Breathe New Life into Central Business District." 

This is our discussion group -- and we can make it whatever we want, take it in whatever direction we like. We can share at our in-person meetings, and continue to discuss and challenge one another between times here on our blog. 

Do you have ideas for where we go next? We look forward to hearing from you! 

--Jo Pearson, Assistant Director, Marion Library


  1. Just about any day is OK with me. Thursdays late afternoon are probably not so good. About our choice of reading matter, how essential is it that the reading be about Marion. A good book about business strategy that is not too long but is I think VERY good is "The Strategist" by Cynthia Montgomery, professor of corporate strategy at the Harvard B. School. Its premise is pretty much to take the reader by the hand and go with them through a course at Harvard B School's Executive Education course for small business owners. Business owners I have recommended it to have liked it very much. (Full disclosure -- Cynthia is a friend of mine).

  2. I'm flexible on meeting times except Monday afternoons when I work in the library book store, the one Thursday a month when the history club meets and every Friday morning when I have a book club meeting at St. Joseph Church.

    I also pick up my grandson at 3 PM daily from school but am available after 3:30 PM.

    I thought this book looked interesting:

  3. I see Don's link isn't active -- so here's a shorter version in case you need to copy and paste: -- the book is It's a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring, by Steven Schussler.

  4. Sorry I didn't post sooner....been under the weather. I would like to continue the group to get into books I otherwise wouldn't and learn more about community strategy and hopefully be a small force for good in our community. Mondays & Fridays are the only days I'm not available. I know the weekly format is difficult for all to attend but if you must miss and it's only twice a month or less, you really lose the connections.

  5. Meeting on Monday or Tuesday or Thursday afternoons every other week would suit me. Ramseys is fine. Books on the impact of new technologies, business strategies, working practices (remote, onsite, temporary, full-time)etc. would be my recommendation. I have emailed all the SCORE Counselors in our Chapter to let them know about our group.